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Press Release: 7/16/2014 — Super Trashed Bros: Crowdsourced Videogame Drinking Game.

Who: Jesse McGrath and OJ Patterson.
When: July 16th 2014; 7pm
Where: Stork Club, 2330 Telegraph Ave. Oakland, CA. 94612 (
Cost: Free
Age: 21+

One part nerd, one part slurred, Super Trashed Bros brings together comedy, video games and alcohol at the Stork Club in Oakland. Join comedians Jesse McGrath (SF Sketchfest), OJ Patterson (Sylvan Productions), sidekick Stephen Ku (San Jose Improv) and a panel of merrymakers as they virtually battle amongst themselves while physically battling inebriation. Audience participation is essential as a live crowd and online viewers—from the streaming platform Twitch—suggest new rules and new gags. Basically, it’s a house party with cheap drinks and funnier friends. Power-up, throw down and push buttons (in more ways than one)!


Jesse McGrath is a world class writer, comedian and educator that has various claims of fame. He has performed at the San Francisco punchline, in San Francisco Sketchfest, and is co-host to the popular podcast Roof Pizza Chronicles. He’s also dynamite in the sack. 

OJ Patterson is a weird guy, who writes jokes for weird people. A self-described “blerd” — black nerd — he’s characterized by goofy inquiries and puns. He’s proudest of producing Storking Comedy, Blackstronauts (his podcast with David Gborie), writing (Courting Comedy, SFWeekly’s 2012 Top Comedy Blog), and his contributions to Sylvan Productions (SFWeekly’s 2013 Best Comedy Troupe).